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"Hybrid Home" - all in one, "Airwell" - the solution for you

Using the Airwell smartphone app AirHome, you can automate your home: adjust the temperature of each room, control devices while optimizing your budget.

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French brand Airwell

Improve the comfort of your life and together we will protect our planet- this is Airwell's most important aspiration.

Since 1947 "Airwell" is a French expert and developer of heating solutions, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy optimal comfort that will be adapted to your needs, while reducing the ecological and economic impact on your home or company. Discover our unique range of high efficiency and energy saving products.

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    Airwell thanks you for your choice and guarantees the impeccable quality of the product and

    functioning in accordance with the rules of use.


    In the event of a warranty failure, the company / person who installed the device must be contacted for inspection and repair of the device.


    Warranty conditions

    All warranty terms apply in accordance with consumer protection laws.

    1. The warranty entitles the purchaser to repair the defect free of charge if it occurs during the first 72 months of operation of the unit at the original installation site.

    Failure to service the unit is covered by the standard 24-month warranty at the original installation site. Air-to-water heat pumps have a 24-month warranty at the original installation site. The server-type room has a 12-month warranty at the original installation site.

    1. For equipment maintenance and warranty service, please contact the company that performed the installation, commissioning and adjustment work.
    1. The installation of the equipment must be performed by a specialized and certified Freon installation company.
    1. Warranty conditions:
    2. (a) Proper installation of the device must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions and applicable standards, as well as using the manufacturer's specified materials as specified in the instructions and catalogs.

    The equipment must be installed with certified copper pipes.

    1. b) Equipment failure must be reported within 48 hours. from its occurrence, by submitting a warranty card and a purchase document confirming the purchase of the device. The data on the warranty card and the purchase document must match.
    1. (c) The equipment must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions.
    1. d) During the entire warranty period, the company that installed the equipment must service the equipment at least 4 times. These actions must be noted on this warranty card and in proof of service purchase documents. Maintenance must include the following works:

    ➢ Cleaning the heat exchanger and condenser;

    ➢ Cleaning of indoor unit air filters;

    ➢ Wiring and insulation inspection;

    ➢ Freon leakage and leak test;

    ➢ Checking the air temperature in refrigeration and heating;

    ➢ Check the control unit.

    1. The warranty does not cover the natural wear and tear of the device.
    2. The warranty does not apply if the device has failed due to:
    3. Misuse;
    4. Operation of the device in violation of the operating and safety recommendations provided in the manual;
    1. Atmospheric, mechanical factors;
    2. Improper power supply;
    3. Improper electrical installations;
    4. Unearthed wires, voltage surges (overvoltages or undervoltage);
    5. Improper addition of freon;
    6. Improper control of equipment using other control devices not recommended by the manufacturer;
    1. Intentional damage or destruction;
    2. Falling or crashing of the equipment due to the fault of the buyer, as well as improper transportation of the equipment if transported by the customer.
    1. Other actions not caused by the manufacturer.
    2. The warranty does not apply to equipment:
    3. Which has not been sold by a company that provides warranty service;
    4. In which changes have been made by unauthorized persons;
    5. Which do not have properly completed or fully completed warranty cards along with purchase documents;
    1. The serial number and date of purchase do not match the information on the warranty card;
    1. If the equipment has been reassembled.
    2. The warranty provider is not responsible for the loss or destruction of the equipment.
    3. The warranty provider is not responsible for warranty service if the failure work cannot be performed due to restrictions on the import or export of parts or materials, changes in legislation and other circumstances that limit the repair of the failure: Force majeure, unforeseen conditions, labor shortages, rallies, communication and transport malfunctions, manufacturing malfunctions, non - compliance with the manufacturer 's conditions and responsibilities, etc

    9. Warranty obligations only apply to fault rectification.

    10. Warranty obligations apply only to the customer to whom the device has been sold and installed.

    11. During the warranty period, the seller undertakes to take all necessary steps to rectify the fault.

    12. The warranty recipient must be familiar with all the rules for the safe operation of the device. Failure to follow the instructions in this manual, as well as unsafe modifications made by unauthorized persons, will void the device warranty.

    1. The device must be used in accordance with safety regulations.

    14. Upon receipt of the warranty card, it is important to make sure that the serial number and date of purchase of the device correspond to the data specified in the purchase documents. The warranty card must be kept together with the purchase documents in a safe place and, if necessary, these documents must be handed over to the guarantor.


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