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The connected home market is changing rapidly. in 2021 in June In the segment of air conditioning and heating equipment for the home (new and renovated), AIRWELL introduced My Hybrid Home, a solution that combines connected objects and artificial intelligence to generate its own energy (photovoltaic) that can be reused in the home and optimize its consumption control. At the same time, DEP - Diagnostic Performance Energétique - has been enriched with new criteria that make it easier to read energy consumption and collect more accurate data related to the assessment of the size of the average residential energy bill: two complementary approaches.

DEP (Diagnostic Performance Energétique): evaluates the annual energy consumption of a property

Since 2006 DEP allows you to estimate the annual energy consumption of a property. However, from 2021 With the entry into force of the third version of the DEP on July 1, the aim is to make residential energy consumption and bills easier to read and collect more accurate data. From 2022 January 1 these data will be mandatory in real estate advertisements and sales deeds*. The new version will apply to all DEPs carried out for the sale or letting of private or social housing in single-family or multi-dwelling homes, and will have to be submitted to anyone looking to buy or rent a property.

*The document will contain the basic information of three references: the estimated average energy bill of the house, the already known energy efficiency label and the climate label, which indicates how much the house emits greenhouse gases.

A new calculation method

This V3 variant is now based on a single method and only on the physical characteristics of the dwelling, such as building quality, insulation quality, window type or heating system, and uses more reliable input data. It also includes new parameters such as general insulation level, ventilation quality and summer comfort, updated weather scenarios, taking into account the latest equipment or improved thermal calculation. Other evaluated criteria are also taken into account, such as the 16-hour occupancy of the dwelling on weekdays or the ambient temperature. According to the new 2021 The DEP version takes into account 5 forms of energy use when calculating energy consumption, where previously 3 were used: heating, hot water, air conditioning, lighting and auxiliary equipment (VMC / heating).

"The new version of the energy efficiency diagnosis will allow to increase the price of real estate with good energy efficiency", explains Laurent ROEGEL, president of the AIRWELL group. "My Hybrid House" is a response to this need for better controllable consumption and measurable own energy production. It is a response to consumers who want to have a positive impact on their environment."

My Hybrid House by Airwell: a solution to improve DEP

My hybrid house is a solution that helps optimize energy consumption. My Hybrid House the user becomes the master of consumption as his home becomes more energy self-sufficient, resulting in less CO2 emissions and lower costs. 

Each household becomes an active and responsible participant in the energy transformation process.

How does it work? My Hybrid House – is a home energy equipment (and all connected objects in 2022) management solution based on one application (AIR HOME) and a special home automation box using an open communication protocol (Zigbee) for home equipment: heat pumps, air conditioners, heating, for managing and controlling ventilation, domestic hot water, connected objects and solar energy production. 

Results: controlled energy consumption due to direct monitoring and optimized smart communication between home equipment.

My Hybrid Home: the ideal solution for new construction or renovation

This solution, designed for new and renovated homes, will allow real-time monitoring of the electricity produced by photovoltaic panels and review its history to calculate savings. In addition, this solution and products will be monitored remotely by Airwell SERVICE teams to anticipate potential failures.

My Hybrid Home, whose structure is based on artificial intelligence, combines photovoltaic (energy production) and home automation. It integrates the connections of all devices in the house.

Powerful, simple and intuitive both in terms of management and use, "My Hybrid House" allows, for example, to collect:

  • housing residents' usage patterns (habits of going outside, number of showers, need for heat...)
  • consumption related to barrier structures (building insulation...).


My Hybrid Home is designed for the user who wants to control:

  • your consumption in real time
  • control the temperature of your home remotely
  • get to know your energy consumption
  • program operating time intervals