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Do you know that this day is celebrated every year on December 8? World Climate Day has been launched by several non-governmental organizations to draw attention to the threats of global warming and the importance of changing our habits to reduce our negative impact on the planet. This day also reminds residents that it is necessary to think about the planet every day.

Climate change and seasonal changes force residents to take care of improving their thermal comfort. Air conditioning and heat pump systems are becoming more affordable and better suited to consumer needs.
Thermal comfort is important for good health and well-being in everyday life. Cold or heat waves can cause diseases, so it is necessary for consumers to stock up on quality products that ensure their comfort throughout the year.
How to reduce costs?

An air conditioning or heating system is a significant expense for households. It is necessary to take into account not only installation and maintenance costs, but also energy costs. It is important to know and understand the system in order to optimize its efficiency and reduce energy bills.

In addition, when preparing a renovation or construction project, it is necessary to consult about the support that you could use. In many countries, financial support is provided to encourage the renovation and purchase of environmentally friendly thermal installations.

What can you do to reduce energy costs?

Energy consumption results in CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming. Energy consumption in the residential sector increased due to the increase in thermal equipment. However, it aims to stabilize due to product innovations that increase energy efficiency. New buildings under construction are designed using innovative materials that allow for better insulation and lower energy losses. In addition, many subsidies encourage the renovation of energy-intensive buildings to ensure better insulation and thus more efficient use of heating systems.

How to choose the right thermal solution?

Choose an economical and ecological solution - "Airwell" heat pump.

In fact, this type of pump emits three to four times less CO2 than a conventional boiler. Depending on the model you choose, you can get them at a reasonable price.