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Airwell is a French expert and designer for your comfort for more than 75 years

The leading French brand among professionals

For more than 75 years, Airwell has been an expert and manufacturer of heating and climate solutions whose mission is to create and improve indoor well-being.

Airwell is committed
to offer well-being and optimal comfort adapted to everyone's needs: air quality, temperature, noise regulation, design, convenience, costs.

75 years of innovation at your side

From the first shutter device in 1947 and the first air conditioners installed in households in the 1950s to the hybrid house - "Airwell" has been accompanying you and making your everyday life easier for 75 years.

Since its inception, Airwell has been the industry benchmark worldwide.


Vision - orientation to the future. Yes in 1947 Airwell was born with a crazy idea to import from the United States innovative solutions that were not yet available in Europe - air conditioners.

At Airwell today, innovation is the most important thing, as we are leaders in the development of heat and climate solutions. These are extremely human, consumer-focused innovations that correspond to the family spirit that characterizes Airwell, based on benevolence and respect for each other's expectations.

Optimizing energy consumption to conserve our natural resources, reduce environmental impact and improve the comfort of every living space.

Airwell is committed to the well-being of every person and the environment.

What was an aspiration has become our mission.

Yes, energy solutions must be used and managed intuitively. Yes, they must reduce the ecological and economic impact on housing. Yes, the world of tomorrow must be shaped on the basis of one principle - the peace of every person.

This is our belief.

Our most beautiful energy story is you.

"Just feel well" is not just words, but also a commitment,
which we have followed every day for more than 75 years.
This is our way of creating and enhancing well-being.

Just feel good

The world of tomorrow must be shaped on the basis of one principle - peace.

Energy solutions must be efficient and convenient to use and completely reliable. We aim to improve indoor comfort even in extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

With over 600 products in our range, we can meet many different consumer needs in terms of design, air quality, thermal and acoustic comfort.

Just feel organic

We are committed to developing high-efficiency, energy-efficient device solutions that save energy, which reduces the negative ecological and economic impact on the environment.

We promote the use of solar energy and provide customized and cost-effective equipment to reduce energy consumption and protect natural resources.

By applying the CSR method, we aim to be more ecologically responsible every day and to invest more in the social and human development of our society.

Just feel smart

We strive to meet the needs of our users to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We offer intuitive, different sizes, open and hidden (of products?) solutions that facilitate their use.

In order to create energy optimization and preventive maintenance, we implement artificial intelligence in our products.

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Our values and company culture


"Just to feel good" is to be a part of the Airwell Group organization based on long-term and positive relationships. With mutual respect and sincerity.

A wide network of employees, distributors, installers, maintenance specialists, partners and users.

It is a big family, each member of which can bring benefits to the company.

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Our certificates

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification defines Airwell's quality management requirements, which include: leadership, customer orientation, employee involvement, process approach, system approach, continuous improvement, factual approach to decision-making and positive relationships with suppliers.


Eurovent is the European organization of manufacturers of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, heating and industrial heating and air care equipment, which performs operational tests of products and their classification according to European and other standards.

All Airwell products are certified by Eurovent, which guarantees the performance of the products, which in turn are thoroughly and transparently tested.


"Airwell" air-water heat pumps have the "Keymark" certificate. This "Heat Pump Keymark" is a very strict certification of European heat pumps. It guarantees the quality of heat pumps. To obtain it, devices are tested in independent laboratories.